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Purr Release Show Pics


Pics taken by Doug Boon – follow him on Instagram.

5 comments July 12th, 2013

The Coburns w/ Jason and Gavin

Something fun from the Facebook group: a clip from Jason and Gavin’s other band “The Coburns”. Enjoy!

December 18th, 2012

Twenty Years of DHC

The Year: 1989

  • George H.W. Bush succeeds Ronald Reagan as U.S. President
  • the Soviet war in Afghanistan
  • the Los Angeles city council bans the sale or possession of semiautomatic weapons
  • fatwa on Salman Rushdie for “The Satanic Verses”
  • Time, Inc. and Warner Communications merge to form Time Warner
  • Exxon Valdez spills 240,000 barrels (11 million gallons) of oil
  • Rain Man wins Best Picture
  • Charles Keating goes to jail
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Seinfeld premieres
  • France celebrates 200th anniversary of the French Revolution
  • UA flight 282 crashes in Sioux City, IA
  • Nintendo’s GameBoy and Sega’s Genesis are released
  • Lyle and Erik Menendez kill their rich parents
  • Pete Rose is banned from baseball
  • Voyager II passes Neptune and Triton
  • Hurricane Hugo causes $7 billion in damage in South Carolina
  • the World Series is delayed by 10 days following the Loma Prieta earthquake (a 7.1)
  • Douglas Wilder wins the Virginia governor’s race and becomes the first elected African American governor in the United States
  • David Dinkins becomes the first African American mayor of New York City
  • the Berlin Wall begins to be dismantled
  • the Cold War ends
  • The Simpsons premieres

The Dance Hall Crashers form in Berkeley, California.

Who’s got some great DHC memories? 1989, or otherwise?

17 comments August 20th, 2009

Some fun facts

Occasionally we come across some fun or interesting facts about the band and its members. For example, the beagle in the “Mr. Blue” video is Elyse’s dog named “Bagel”.

Elyse’s birthday is July 10th and Jason’s is July 17th. Nothing like celebrating your birthday on a summer tour!

2 comments January 11th, 2005

Karina on new NOFX album

Karina makes a vocal and instrumental cameo on the new NOFX album “War on Errorism”, in stores now. She sings on one track and plays the vibraphone on another according to the liner notes.

2 comments October 26th, 2003

It’s Sloooooooow!

Happy 4th of July America! Greg reminds me once again to add some news: Gavin and Jason are moonlighting in a new band called My Fellow Astronauts. Karina guests on the new NUFAN record “Hard Rock Bottom”. Check the Sinead O’Connor song “This is a rebel song”!

July 4th, 2002

Up To Date Music interview with Gavin

I was pointed to for an interview with Gavin some time recently. Nice point about the “selling out” issue at the end:

But kids these days seem to think anything on TV is obviously a sell-out. It’s as though kids think you just wake up one day and say, “I wanna be a huge sell-out”, call up your label and you’re on MTV. Always cracks me up.

The transcript is here.

1 comment May 23rd, 2001

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