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Honolulu review and article

Sent in by Becky Murphy, this article in the Honolulu Advertiser talks about the band’s long standing love affair with Hawaii and their 8 shows on the island. Some nice bio and background information.

1 comment November 2nd, 2003

Up To Date Music interview with Gavin

I was pointed to for an interview with Gavin some time recently. Nice point about the “selling out” issue at the end:

But kids these days seem to think anything on TV is obviously a sell-out. It’s as though kids think you just wake up one day and say, “I wanna be a huge sell-out”, call up your label and you’re on MTV. Always cracks me up.

The transcript is here.

1 comment May 23rd, 2001

New Interview with Gavin

An interview with Gavin from Dragster zine. We have replicated the content on since the site is no longer available.

Continue Reading 1 comment September 18th, 2000

OC Weekly Review

Click here (link dead in 2005) to read a review of DHC in the latest OC (Orange County, CA) Weekly. Quite a few good remarks about the band and promo’ing them for an upcoming Pomona show. Check it out.

1 comment April 3rd, 2000

Incite PC Magazine & DHC

Incite PC Magazine has a bunch of pictures of DHC in their new issue. Look for the one with Julie Strain on the cover (not the blonde). Tenchi scanned ‘em here (links are now dead)

March 15th, 2000

Elyse Quoted in BAM

The Bay Area Music magazine (BAM) quoted Elyse in their Valentine’s Day special:

“Dance Hall Crashers singer Elyse Rogers considers herself a connoisseur of the anti-love song. Most love songs are ’sappy and lame,’ she says, but NOFX’s tragic ‘Falling in Love’ surprised her. ‘Nothing could have prepared me for my reaction to that song, which was me sitting completely stiff, staring at my speakers, not breathing, with tears streaming down my face, listening to [of all people] Fat Mike screaming about him and his wife Erin dying in a plane crash. It’s horrible and beautiful and conjures up great imagery.’”

February 17th, 1999

DHC Penetrates Mall Society

According to several people on the list, DHC music is being heard in stores like Aeropostale, Macy’s and more. Does this signal a massive world-wide takeover by DHC? Maybe not, but at least you can go anywhere and hear some decent music now!

January 18th, 1999

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