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We’ve been really busy touring the antarctic suburbs for the past year since we made the DVD. It’s a little cold, but the people are super friendly on account of they’re crazy. People ask why we’re wasting our time down there when we could be playing NY, LA, Chicago, etc. Playing NY would be so obvious… so 2001. We got a letter from a fan in antarctica and he sounded crazy. At first we just put it in the crazy box along with the rest of those letters, but then we realized that he probably didn’t get enough sunlight and had gone off his rocker as a result. Then someone thought that because of where he sat on the pole he got way too much sunlight, and then we started arguing about it. We decided to go down ourselves and check because we all liked the idea of someone sitting on the pole.

Which brings us to the first quarter of 2006. It took us a minute to edit the DVD last summer because Karina and I had to edit out the thousands of bad shots of us. It’s interesting what camera guys can get when they’re in the pit filming up our skirts. We had a good time in the editing bay laughing at ourselves because for the past ten years we had imagined that we looked way cooler on stage. This is not the case. We are not cool at all . To top it off, when we were doing the commentary the first time around, Karina and I started arguing, which then escalated into a full
blown fight. The guys thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard, but we decided to keep the first pass at the commentary to ourselves. It actually is the funniest thing we could ever release, but we burned all copies, so you will never know.

Now that the DVD is out, we have decided it’s probably time to finish those songs we claimed to be writing. We managed to play one at the show without blowing it, but we really should have finished them all a year ago when we started them, because we forgot a lot of the parts between then and now. I swear we will do it. We are almost done with a bunch of songs. We talked about putting them all together and making one long medley so that you couldn’t tell that they were missing a part. We will ask Fat Mike what he thinks of our Frankenrecord idea and get back to you.


81 comments April 10th, 2006

Live DVD Pics!

Kung Fu record sent a bunch of pictures from the Live DVD for you to view. These are great pics and really capture the band’s energy! Check out the gallery. Please remember these images are copyrighted so respect the photographer and the band.

If you don’t already have the DVD, you should order it now from Kung Fu records. The pre-orders have just started arriving as of yesterday and feedback is incredibly positive.

September 11th, 2005

Upcoming DVD Jacket!

Thumbnail of DVD jacket

It’s almost here! Due to release September 13th, we’re just about 2 weeks away from the release of DHC’s first ever DVD covering a House of Blues show. There are 23 songs and a bevy of extras including multiple angles, extra footage, band commentary, subtitles for English and Japanese, trailers and web links. Click the picture to see an enlarged version. You can pre-order it until September 10th for $14.98 from Kung Fu Records

2 comments August 30th, 2005

Cricket Lyrics

Sara Dinkelo contributed some lyrics to Cricket for all you folks – read ‘em here.

Continue Reading 3 comments January 21st, 2002

New Record, New Site!

We’re proud to welcome you to phase one of the redesign. The Live Record came out yesterday and we figured that the new artwork was worth of a redesign. You’ll notice a few new things like Extreme Fans and DHC merch listed here. We’re working with everyone DHC related to provide everything possible. If you’re adventurous, you can always keep an eye on our Ebay auction monitor.

We’ll be phasing in new features of the site including having the band themselves post info here. In the mean time, GO BUY THE NEW ALBUM! ($13.99)

June 7th, 2000

Australia Tour & Live Record release date

6/01 Adelaide / Uni Bar
6/03 Melbourne / HiFi
6/04 Melbourne / HiFi
6/06 Canberra / ANU Bar 6/07 Sydney / Newtown RSL
6/08 Coffs Harbour / Greenhouse Tavern
6/09 Gold Coast / The Playroom
6/10 Brisbane / The Arena

All dates are with No Use for A Name!

The June 6th show coincides with the new release date for the live album as well. You aussies will have access to it before any of us!

1 comment April 10th, 2000

Purr is out!

Purr was released yesterday (8/24) and is now available everywhere. The retail is only 12$ so pick it up!

August 25th, 1999

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