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Honolulu review and article

Sent in by Becky Murphy, this article in the Honolulu Advertiser talks about the band’s long standing love affair with Hawaii and their 8 shows on the island. Some nice bio and background information.

1 comment November 2nd, 2003

Tramps, NYC, NY Show Review

Sent in by Doug Sakmann (MCraveND at to the dhc-list:

My name is Doug Sakmann. I do a NY zine called “i am an evil carrot”.
Yesterday, after talking to Gavin through AOL, I was able to interview them
after they did the sound check. During the sound check, they played 6 songs,
all of which were new and all equally kicked much ass. During the interview I
was able to find out that next week after they get back to California they are going in the studio to begin recording a new album. During the actual show, they only played like 3-4 new songs, but they still rocked the house. Tramps’ world renouned “trampoline floor” as I like to call it was in full effect. I call it this because when you are in the basement right under the dance floor the celing goes up and down like a trampoline, and when you stand still on the
dance floor when everyone else is jumping you get slightly bounced around. I
always fear that the floor will collapse one of these days. I have to say the
band was very friendly and I had a great time. Some guys from H20, Pilfers,
and Bouncing Souls showed up backstage too. Also for anyone in the NY area,
right after I did the interview, Jason Dean from 92.7 LIR’s Ska show “One Step
Beyond” Did an interview with the girls as well and said it should be on the
air in the next few weeks. The ska show is on sunday nights at 8:30-9:00. I
guess that is all except I LOVE DHC!

if you want a copy of the “i am an evil carrot” zine when it comes out with
DHC , or any other issue, send $2 or $1 and 2 stamps tooo….
i am an evil carrot.
260-14 87th ave
Floral Park NY 11001
thank you for your time and effort
~evil doug

March 19th, 1999

New London, CT Show Review

Sent in by Mary (Checkska13 at to the dhc-list:

hey everyone,
i saw dhc last night and it was the best concert i’ve ever been to.
I was driving down the street on the way to the club and i saw two girls
walking down the street and i said to myself, “Wow they look alot like elyse
and karina, but it cant be , why would they be walking down the street?” It
turns out that it was them. When i got to the club i couldn’t get in yet but
where did i end up parking? right behind dhc’s bus. I got out to go buy
tickets and right as i was passing the bus door, elyse came out of the club on
the other side and walked right by me and said hi. I was so stunned that all i
said was hey and she got on the bus. How stupid am i. I had the perfect chance
to talk to her but of course i didn’t. When i finally went into the club some
guy bumped into me and said sorry. When he turned around it was mikey so i i
got a picture taken with him. i never realized how cute he is. It was so
weird. Elyse and Karina were just walking around the club casually and it
seemed like nobody cared. i would’ve thought that they would surrounded by
people but they were just standing by the pool table watching the gadjits.
Anyways, their show was awesome and i got to go on stage and sing He wants me
back. It was so cool. I actually got to sing with Karina. Well thats my story.


March 18th, 1999

One of 17 best live shows of 1997

A little treat from the Silicon Valley thanks to John Perry!

From the December 31, 1997 – January 7, 1998 issue of Metro (Silicon
Valley’s Weekly Newspaper), p. 31:

Live and Local, All Year Long: The best live shows of 1997 remembered ===================================================================== “Dance Hall Crashers and the Ataris, Nov. 24 at the Benson Center, Santa Clara. The last show of a tour can bring on either insouciance or a bout of the crazies. The hyperactive college kids wouldn’t let them go out with anything less than over the top, and the Dance Hall Crashers delivered.”

DHC was one of 17 shows in this article to get this “award.”

February 22nd, 1998

Soma New Year’s Show

This is a review of the Soma’s All-Age New Years’ bash. The Dance Hall Crashers played along with Voodoo Glow Skulls, Buck-O-Nine, No Doubt, Lagwagon, so on and so on. The part about the Dance Hall Crashers is in bold text if that is all you’re interested in.

Continue Reading January 3rd, 1997

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