Dance Hall Crashers – Live at the House of Blues L.A. (DVD)

Released: September 13, 2005
Label: Kung Fu Films

DHC’s first ever DVD covering a House of Blues show. There are 23 songs and a bevy of extras including multiple angles, extra footage, band commentary, subtitles for English and Japanese, trailers and web links.


1. Lost Again
2. Buried Alive
3. Elvis & Me
4. The Real You
5. Next to You
6. Queen for a Day
7. Triple Track
8. Cold Shower
9. Good for Nothing
10. Don’t Call
11. Cat Fight
12. Sticky
13. Enough
14. Make Her Purr
15. Truly Comfortable
16. Othello
17. Skinhead BBQ
18. The Truth About Me
19. Go
20. Don’t Wanna Behave
21. My Problem
22. He Wants Me Back
23. DHC


  • See pictures from the live DVD here.
  • This is the first released version of the song “Don’t Call”.